Your New Favorite Protein Bar & Ways to Enjoy

How many protein bars have you tried in your lifetime? I have tried A LOT! Most were unmemorable, some were memorable for negative reasons and very few were good enough to make it in my rotation of bars.

I love to use whole food ingredients as often as possible, but I believe there is absolutely room in a well-balanced diet for high quality protein bars. Here is how I like to incorporate bars into my daily eating habits:

  • Meal component: Pair a protein bar with fruit and nut butter for breakfast or try adding hummus and veggies along side a bar for a lunch option. You could even add a glass of milk or smoothie on the side for an easy nutrient and calorie boost.
  • Snack: Many protein bars can be a stand-alone snack but I always like to add in produce when possible. A handful of baby carrots or a sliced bell pepper have been my go-to raw veggies recently. You could also made a quick green juice to compliment a protein bar snack.
  • Creative: A bowl of oatmeal with a diced protein bar mixed in may be the most creative way I’ve enjoyed a protein bar, and it is goooood!
  • During exercise: I have been doing tons of walking recently, and if I know I’m going to be away from the house for a while, I’ll pack a bar to snack on while I’m on the move.

Like I said, I have tried a ton of bars and the one that is consistently at the top of my list is Skout Organic. Made from quality plant-based ingredient, Skout Organic has an amazing balance of nutrients which is why it can stand alone as a snack or be used as the base of a meal. Each bar contains 10 grams of protein, no added sugar and is 100% delicious!

You are going to LOVE them! Check out Skout Organic to stock up on travel snacks, lunch box staples and on-the-go meals. Drop a comment with your favorite way to enjoy protein bars!

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