Why I Love Canned Tomatoes!

Canned tomatoes have always been a staple in my pantry because of their versatility, vitamin and mineral density, and tons of flavor packed into few calories. My love for canned tomatoes grew out of experiencing the deliciousness of homemade canned tomatoes prepared by my mother and father in-law. Coming from Italy, they know tomatoes, and with years of canning experience, I was blown away by the freshness of their flavor-packed, United States grown canned tomatoes. They may have grown up with Italian tomatoes, but enjoy in-season tomatoes grown in the states just as much.

Recently I have been using canned tomatoes in soups during the cold winter months, but I can’t wait to incorporate them into fresh summer dishes, like salsa, gazpacho, and pasta salad. Summer is around the corner which mean tomatoes will be in season and I can replenish my canned tomato stash! Until then, I’ll stay loaded up with my favorite tomato brands from the store (I prefer ones canned with Italian herbs and no added salt), and start planing my spring and summer tomato recipes! I if you need recipe ideas, or want to learn all you can about the health benefits of tomatoes, check out Tomato Wellness. 

I would love to hear your favorite ways to incorporate canned tomatoes into your healthy meals; leave your #WhyILoveCannedTomatoes inspiration below!

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