Enjoy Chocolate AND Its Health Benefits

Chocolate has received a bad reputation over the years for being an unhealthy treat. Often laden with processed sugar, hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients, it’s no wonder why many people have thought negatively about chocolate. That changes today! I won’t have any friend of mine thinking poorly about chocolate, especially with Jojo’s Guilt Free Chocolate available for you to enjoy!

Not only is it incorrect to classify all chocolate as “unhealthy”, but cocoa, the base for making chocolate, actually has A LOT of health benefits to it, especially when it isn’t combined with junky, processed ingredients often found in other chocolate products. Cocoa contains antioxidants, compounds that are known to keep your cells healthy by counteracting free radicals that damage cells and are thought to cause illness.

There is also research that suggests dark chocolate, like the kind used in Jojo’s, can reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow to the heart, two facts that make dark chocolate a heart-healthy food. Delicious, high quality AND provides health benefits? That is a winning combination for me!

I have more good news for you! Not only does the dark chocolate base of Jojo’s provide healthful ingredients, but the toppings used to enhance flavor and add texture provide antioxidants as well! For example, many of the nuts and seeds used in several of the Jojo’s flavors, like almonds, peanuts and sunflower seeds, contain vitamin E, a known antioxidant.

Jojo’s Guilt Free Chocolate has become a fast favorite of mine and I’m positive you will LOVE it too. Enjoyed on its own, crushed on top of some ice cream or used for an artisan s’more, there are so many ways to enjoy Jojo’s. Check out Jojo’s Guilt Free Chocolate and use coupon code “CONFESSION10” for 10% off your order. Enjoy!

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