tuscan kale

Fresh Express® Tuscan Kale Sauté Kit™

Vegetables have been one of the most common “diet” foods for years, and for good reason: they are loaded with micronutrients, fiber, and you can have a large volume for few calories. Although those are fantastic attributes in a food, that is not enough for a meal. To sustain a healthy lifestyle, for an extended period of time, the volume and quality of food must keep you feeling satisfied. No one feels satisfied with one lettuce leaf, or a plain salad, for that matter. When you load up on all

tuscan kale

Fresh Express® Tuscan Kale Sauté Kit™

Eating healthy is something I preach on the daily. I have always enjoyed eating vegetables, and as a registered dietitian it is my pure joy to help patients consume healthier foods. I often find my patients either dislike the taste of vegetables or don’t purchase because it is tedious to clean, prepare, cut and cook. They are also concerned about produce going bad too quickly and find this to be wasteful.Fresh Express® has come to the rescue with their Sauté Kit™ to save time, money, and create


Whole Foods Market Avocados

Whole Foods Market, WestchesterAvocados 4 for $5Avocados originate from Mexico and are a climatic fruit, meaning they are able to ripen once picked off the trees. Avocados have a thick skin, inhibiting pesticides to be exposed to the flesh, therefore buying non organic avocadoes is not always necessary.Avocados contain monunsaturated fats, a healthy fat essential for the body. Monounsaturated fats can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood which can lower your risk of heart disease and

Tuna, Egg, Avocado Salad

Ingredients1 can Tandoori tuna, safe catch foods2 T mashed avocado1 cooked egg white3 chopped green olivesHot pepper flakesDirectionsPlace 1 can of Tandoori tuna in a bowl, do not drainWith a fork break tuna up into flakesBoil egg for 10 minutes and let coolToss the yolk and chop up egg whitesAdd chopped egg to tunaAdd in mashed avocado, olives and red pepper flakesAdd tuna to salads, zoodles, or enjoy with crackers, in a wrap, sandwich or any other desirable way

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