Melissa Rifkin, MS, RD, CDN is a New York City dietitian who specializes in weight management and bariatrics. 

Melissa completed her Bachelor’s degree in dietetics at UCONN, her rigorous dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University. 

Melissa works at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, where she spent 7 years working in Oncology and Surgery, and the past 4 years in Bariatrics, holding a certificate in Weight Management. 

With over 10+ years of experience, Melissa is well-qualified to help you meet your nutrition needs whether you're looking to lose weight, address health concerns, or simply incorporate more healthful foods into your diet.



For Melissa, it’s more than simply a “calories in, calories out” perspective when helping clients. Instead, Melissa believes in developing a tailored, individualized plan for clients to create practical, sustainable goals that fit their own preferences, goals, and lifestyle. In addition to eating nutritious foods, Melissa emphasizes exercise and balanced mental well-being. Melissa’s career has relied on using food and exercise as a means to happiness and health, and having completed two marathons and earning her certification as a Spinning instructor, Melissa exemplifies the pillars of her practice. Melissa’s instagram platform @confessionofadietitian serves as an extension of her practice, relaying her passions and purpose to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

In addition, Melissa works closely with 400+ publications, food brands, and other media, where she further demonstrates her commitment to health and fitness, using evidence-based information on the most innovative health foods and trends. Melissa is also a nutrition coach on RISE, a weight loss application where she helps clients meet goals via pictures of foods taken and through providing tips. In her leisure time, you could find Melissa taste-testing and developing new recipes or enjoying an outdoor run.


Kelsey is a Texas based dietitian who is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.  Her interest in nutrition began after meeting with a dietitian as a high school swimmer and carried through her collegiate swimming career. Post college, Kelsey shifted to more running, competing in half and full marathons, as well as triathlons from the sprint to 70.3 distance. Kelsey is also a professor of nutrition and works in private practice with active adults and teens from many different sports and competitive levels. Kelsey aids Melissa in day-to-day tasks, creating educational content and articles, and meal plans.


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